Diversity Staffing Inc.

Grow Your Team

Diversity Staffing Inc. specializes in providing quality talent and qualified candidates for the private job sector. We proudly assist in the employment of veterans and people with disabilities.


Increase Revenue

Many hands make the load lighter. Having the right people on your team can significantly improve your service levels and help you get more done.


Reduce Turnover

Studies show that veterans and people with disabilities tend to stay on the job longer!


Improve Diversity

Hiring a diverse team can help you gain a fresh perspective. We provide qualified candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

What We Do


Personal Service

We provide personalized services tailored to the needs of each of our candidates. Our goal is to help each and every candidate find employment in an area they are qualified for—and most importantly, one they will enjoy!


Professional Coaching

Need some additional assistance? We’re here to help! We offer professional coaching in a one-on-one setting, including interview practice. Gain the skills you need to succeed with the help of Diversity Staffing Inc.


Resume Services

Make a great impression on potential employers with a stunning resume that showcases your skills! We offer resume creation services for both the federal and private sectors. Proudly serving both veterans and people with disabilities!



Basic computer skills, such as navigating Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, are essential when applying for jobs. If you’re not sure where to start, Diversity Staffing Inc. has you covered.

Calling All Business Owners!

Tired of sorting through piles of resumes from under-qualified candidates? Struggling to find the right fit in today’s competitive job market? The team at Diversity Staffing Inc. is here to make the hiring process a breeze!

We proudly match qualified candidates from our talent pool—made up of veterans and people with disabilities—with businesses like yours. We’ll help you find the right person who will take your organization to the next level!

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Our Services

  • Prescreening Candidates
  • Improving Workplace Diversity
  • Talent Recruitment

At Diversity Staffing Inc., we provide quality talent to the private sector. We implement a variety of recruitment, hiring, and employment strategies to support veterans and people with disabilities.


As former Chief Human Capital Officer, United States Department of Agriculture, retired, I was responsible for the hiring of individuals with disabilities.” While working with Francesca directly and indirectly over the last 9 years, I have seen her unique ability to empower veterans and people with disabilities. This strength and skill comes from her own life experiences. Francesca Yabraian is an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves and her skills have brought about change in both the private sector and government sector, and now she will be continuing those efforts through her staffing agency dedicated to the needs of people with disabilities and our military veterans.

William P. Milton, Jr.

Francesca is a delight to work with. She very much cares about helping other people. I can’t image working with anything one else.

Ana Gondring

As former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), retired, I hired Francesca Yabraian, who is a person with disabilities. My advice for employers when it comes to hiring people with disabilities and veterans is: just do it! You get an employee that works ten times harder than a person without a disability. I have experienced this after working side-by-side with Francesca every day. In Francesca, I found a great work ethic, loyalty, brightness, and found her to be a true advocate for people with disabilities and veterans. Her ability to make changes at USDA in a short amount of time led me to increase disability and veteran hiring at USDA, because I saw the gifts and strengths that people with disabilities and veterans brought to the workforce.

Robin E. Heard